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Diesel Servicing

Oztune Automotive - Car Service, Meadowbrook

Oztune Automotive – Experts in diesel servicing

Oztune Automotive are experts in diesel servicing for all makes and models of vehicles. Regular diesel servicing has become more important than ever for new and used cars due to fuel quality, the workload and kilometres driven by our cars and trucks. You can be sure to trust Oztune Automotive for a diesel service that won’t void your new car warranty.

Oztune Automotive specialises in the following diesel servicing repairs and maintenance:


  • Diesel Log Book Servicing
  • EGR Management
  • Diesel Power Upgrades
  • Diesel Common Rail
  • Diesel Fuel Injection


Regular Diesel maintenance and servicing is critical to the health of all cars and trucks. Our technicians are experts in servicing all makes and models of diesel engines. Oztune Automotive mechanics carry out common rail diesel fuel injector compensation values to diagnose an engine miss-fire.

Does capped price diesel servicing work?

Car dealerships and large manufacturers try and sell us capped price servicing with the purchase of new cars. However is this form of diesel servicing the best for your vehicle’s long term health?


We’ve compared two fuel filters and two diesel fuel samples, the one on the left is a new fuel filter and the one on the right has been taken from a car that has been receiving capped price servicing on a Volkswagen Passat, which one would you prefer?


The problem is driving conditions, climatic conditions and the fact that we import all of our diesel fuel in from Asia in big fuel tankers. Is there quality control with the fuel with the fuel pricing war? Who knows but we often find fuel filters like this and fuel samples full of algae which grows in the fuel and keeps growing (the black on the fuel filter) so then the fuel struggles to get through to the pump starving it of clean fuel. The the fuel pump has to work harder to deliver the required pressure to the rail and the injectors.
Oztune Automotive - Car Service, Meadowbrook

So how much are you saving by having capped price servicing and how long do you think your car will last without any major problems?


Your warranty doesn’t cover fuel contamination!


Make sure you always consider the pros and cons of capped price servicing if you want your vehicle to last and your bank account to remain healthy! Here is a video of what we see regularly at Oztune Automotive!

What does the Oztune Automotive Warranty cover?

  • All parts and fluids supplied, installed or serviced by Oztune Automotive
  • All labor performed by Oztune Automotive technicians
  • Warranty cover for a period of 12 months or 20,000km whichever comes first
  • Oztune Automotive must be given first chance of repairs

Take one of our complimentary Courtesy Cars for the day and be back on the road in no time!

Oztune Automotive courtesy cars at the Meadowbrook car service workshop