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European Car Servicing

European Car Servicing Specialists

At Oztune we are equipped and trained for European car servicing.


We have set up our Meadowbrook workshop for European vehicle repairs and servicing. High level diagnostics for both petrol and diesel vehicles are included.

Oztune provides complete logbook servicing and repairs for all European vehicles and are proud to be specialists in the following:


Oztune has the latest diagnostic and technical equipment for your Mercedes.


Whether you’re servicing your beloved AMG or your Mercedes Sprinter, at Oztune we are your servicing specialists for all Mercedes vehicles!

Volkswagen (VW)

VW has become huge in Australia over the past ten years with their vehicles economy, style and reliability.


Oztune is proud to have VW’s visit our workshop every day and our technicians love working on them!


The popular Transporter Van is also a regular visitor from our tradey friends.


The demand for Audi has only increased with Audi Springwood located close to the Oztune workshop.


Having your Audi serviced at Oztune will not void your new car warranty and comes with our own guarantee on top.


Whether you’re rocking a brand new X5 or a sporty M5 Oztune has the latest BMW servicing equipment to ensure your pride and joy is kept in the best condition possible!

European expertise at Oztune

Our team of techs provide quality luxury vehicle services, their expertise gives them the ability to pinpoint core issues with your vehicle. Preventing costs in the long run by fixing your car’s problems at the source.

What does the Oztune Warranty cover?

  • All parts and fluids supplied, installed or serviced by Oztune
  • All labor performed by Oztune technicians
  • Warranty cover for a period of 12 months or 20,000km whichever comes first
  • Oztune must be given first chance of repairs

Take one of our Courtesy Cars for the day and be back on the road in no time!