Diesel Servicing

Oztune Automotive offers comprehensive diesel vehicle servicing. With our logbook service you can rest assured that you will be in great hands.

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Complete logbook servicing and repairs for all diesel vehicles.

Regular Diesel maintenance and servicing is critical to the health of all cars and trucks. Our technicians are experts in servicing all makes and models of diesel engines. Oztune Automotive mechanics carry out common rail diesel fuel injector compensation values to diagnose an engine miss-fire.

We specialise in the following diesel vehicle services:

– Diesel Log Book Servicing
– EGR Management
– Diesel Power Upgrades
– Diesel Common Rail
– Diesel Fuel Injection


Free Courtesy Vehicle

Don't let a car service interrupt your day. Take one of our free courtesy cars until yours is back on the road.

Trusted Expertise

With over 20 years experience, we have a great reputation for quality workmanship and customer service second to none.

No Hidden Costs

Our team will inform you of all work and exact costs with you before commencing work so there aren't any nasty surprises.

Did You Know?

You don’t have to dealership’s mechanic for your logbook services to maintain your warranty!

We often find that dealership logbook services just tick boxes and don’t look for preventative maintenance that will take care of your vehicle long-term.

At Oztune, our certified mechanics and technicians are factory trained so you can rest assured that you and your vehicle are in good hands.

We service all brands, models and makes.

Trusted Experience and Expertise

- Est. 1999 -

“We keep your vehicle reliable and safe for you and your family.”

Ian Frost, Owner of Oztune Automotive

Does Capped Price Diesel Servicing Work?

Car dealerships and large manufacturers try and sell us capped price servicing with the purchase of new cars. However is this form of diesel servicing the best for your vehicle’s long term health?

We’ve compared two fuel filters and two diesel fuel samples, the one on the left is a new fuel filter and the one on the right has been taken from a car that has been receiving capped price servicing on a Volkswagen Passat, which one would you prefer?

The problem is driving conditions, climatic conditions and the fact that we import all of our diesel fuel in from Asia in big fuel tankers. Is there quality control with the fuel with the fuel pricing war? Who knows but we often find fuel filters like this and fuel samples full of algae which grows in the fuel and keeps growing (the black on the fuel filter) so then the fuel struggles to get through to the pump starving it of clean fuel. The the fuel pump has to work harder to deliver the required pressure to the rail and the injectors.

Emphasis on Education

At Oztune, we love to help educate our customers on their cars so they understand how to better take care of them and avoid being ripped off by confusing quotes.

Come on into the workshop so we can help explain the repairs needed for your vehicle.

Courtesy Cars Available

To keep you on the road while your vehicle is being serviced, take one of our courtesy cars. Sedan, Hatch and Ute’s are available.

*subject to availability

Oztune Automotive Car Servicing Warranty

We believe in attention to detail, expertise and the highest quality of work which is is why we back our work with a 12 month/20,000km warranty.
Bek Lee
Bek Lee
Honest mechanics dedicated to their work. They put customer service and honest work as a priority. Guided me through what was necessary to be fixed and what wasn’t. I learned more about cars in one service than I have in 10 years. This helped me realise that mechanics I’ve seen elsewhere have been dishonest in previous services. Meadowbrook Oztune will continue to be my trustful mechanics that I highly recommend.
Liam Buxton
Liam Buxton
Insanely good service and transparency. My 2010 Nissan Navara had a good two day's worth of work after a massive trip to Townsville and back. The team hooked me up with a courtesy car for that period of time and ran me through a full breakdown of service performed, with pictures included. Couldn't be happier with the end result.
My experience here was fantastic. Ian and the team did a great job with my car. I sincerely appreciated the time spent to send me photos of what was required and walk me through the process. Definately would recommend and will be going back for future services and repairs.
Vicki Jones
Vicki Jones
Ian was so kind to take on our job as an emergency and he and his team did an amazing job on our Land Rover. It's now running better than ever. Highly recommend this business! 6 months on and Ian and his team have serviced and repaired both our Land Rover and our 20year old Getz. Both cars are driving better than we've ever known them to. This is possibly the best automotive business with which I've ever had the pleasure of dealing. Ian is extremely knowledgeable and upfront, honest and clear with all details regarding repairs and costs. He and his team go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome for the customer. I continue to highly recommend.
Erin Tumale
Erin Tumale
100% recommend coming to Oz Tune, we brought my car in after it not running right with our normal mechanic and Oz Tune has turned it into a brand new car. Detailed pictures and easy explanation of what needed to be done and the results every step of the way. We received a free hire car and having two children while working helped relieved the stress of getting around. After picking up my car an error came up I messaged Ian he messaged me back straight away I brought my car back in to be assessed the mechanic Darryl explained and showed me what happened (I blew the hose) and put me in another hire car. I will only be going to Oz Tune now for all my car services
Tim Steward
Tim Steward
Ian and the team helped me out in an emergency with a quick repair to a snapped clutch cable. They were friendly, polite and beyond helpful - I thoroughly recommend them! The car feels great too. Thanks to all at Oztune.
bibens hippolyte
bibens hippolyte
Amazing team at Oztune so honestly helpful with their advice. Will definitely be coming back. Five stars.
Sarah W
Sarah W
Reliable and helpful mechanics, always willing to help. We love Oztune - we keep going back!
Anthony Evrenoglou
Anthony Evrenoglou
Excellent service. They fixed my car first time no dramas. I'll be using oztune again. Can't speak highly enough of there service & staff very friendly. Thanks Ian

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